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CBT therapist based in York

Frequently Asked Questions about Aisha Khan Therapy

  • How many sessions will I need?
    8-12 tends to be the average. Some people will need less, and some people will need more, depending on individual circumstances.
  • Can I cancel an appointment?
    To secure the appointment, I will require the full payment at the time of booking, which is fully refundable if you cancel with 48 hours’ notice. I am unable to provide a refund with less notice, as it is unlikely the slot would be filled.
  • Is video therapy or telephone therapy as effective as in-person therapy?
    Yes, there has been research that shows the same results are achieved via video/telephone sessions as in-person sessions. I have been delivering telephone sessions since 2011, and video sessions since January 2020.
  • Do you take referrals from private health insurers?
    No, I am only able to work with self-funding clients at this time.
  • Is the therapy confidential?
    All sessions are confidential. The only limitation to this is if I had reason to believe that you or someone else is at risk of serious harm, in which case I would need to consider alerting your GP and/or authorities, depending on what the potential harm is. We can discuss this further before your first appointment if you have concerns about confidentiality.
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