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When your best isn't your best

Before Christmas, I was working out 4x a week and I was making sure I was hitting my macros. I told myself, I'll have a couple of weeks off and start again in January.

I didnt. I have been working out 2x a week, and my nutrition has been pretty poor.

I'm not upset at myself about this because I know I am doing my best based on how I am currently feeling. My best now isn't the same as my best was a few weeks ago, but it's my best for right now. In a few weeks, my best might be better than my best now. Or maybe it will be worse. But I know I'll still be doing my best.

Instead of beating yourself up for taking a sick day, cancelling meeting a friend or logging off work early because you couldn't face the rest of the day, ask yourself: is this the best I can do right now, given how I am feeling in this moment?

If it is, thats great and instead of telling yourself you are not doing enough, tell yourself you've done your best. If you can do better, then do better. But don't try to do more than what your best is in that moment, because doing better than your best can lead to burnout, and prevents you from doing your best in future.

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